Core Practices

Core Practices

Business Owners

Being business owners ourselves at Fellows Financial Group, we understand the challenges you face each and every day. Our goal is to lighten the load by assisting you in making decisions that are right for your business and employees. Having integrity and honest conversations is how we would want our personal plans to be treated, so that is exactly how we will treat your plan.  

To balance the responsibility of being a business owner and neutralizing the risks that you are exposed to, we will construct a plan and as your business grows and changes, being by your side to make the appropriate changes. Always keeping your plan up to date, our dedicated team of advisors will regularly review and modify your plan as your personal and business life changes. Some types of Insurance useful for companies are...
  • Life Insurance on a group basis to all employees as a benefit
  • Life Insurance on a co-business owner to fund a buy-sell agreement
  • Life Insurance for your business to protect against the loss of a key employee
  • Financing premiums to create a deferred compensation package
  • Financing premiums to pay for policy premiums


Fellows Financial Group works with attorneys to create a comprehensive personal plan designed specifically to you. Partner plans sponsored by law firms are often unfunded, putting your income at risk. We know how busy you are taking care of your clients, why not have someone take care of you with a custom tailored platform of wealth creation. 

Our strategies on a firm insurance options have saved Partners thousands of dollars as well as creating an environment where they can provide incentive to newer attorneys to the group. These techniques are intricate in implementing and setting up, but with Fellows Financial we will handle all of it for you. 

Companies With Government Contractors

If you are a company using government contractors, you deal with the Service Contract Act (SCA) that are subject to a unique set of regulations subject to the prevailing wage benefit provisions. At Fellows Financial Group we will work with your company in complying with the regulations related to the SCA to deliver and administer your employee benefit programs.

The complex nature of working with government contractors adds additional stress and another layer of intricacy to your business plan. Fellows Financial Group will work with your team to implement and deploy strategies on making the process as smooth as possible for your business and the contracted employees.

Professional Athletes

We were shocked to read that Sport Illustrated estimated in 2009 that 78% of NFL players are bankrupt or facing serious financial stress within two years of ending their career. NBA players are in just as bad of shape with 60% being in financial duress within five years. The players we cheer and root for on game day have a shorter time span to accumulate wealth in their profession due to injuries and stress on their bodies. But what if you had a group of advisors who have your best interests at heart so you do not become one of these staggering statistics?

Fellows Financial group wants to coach you in obtaining financial freedom. We will educate and assist you in the process of understanding the complex financial details of your career. Having a former professional athlete on our team allows us to understand the situations and needs of professional athletes. We want to equip you with all the tools necessary to make the wisest decision with you and your family in mind. Creating a legacy and gaining ultimate control over your financial future is our goal when partnering with you. 





















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