About Us

We’re Personally Invested in Helping You Lock in Your Future Net Worth Today

Fellows’s comprehensive approach integrates investments with tax planning, risk mitigation, income protection, business succession, and legacy perpetuation strategies to prevent your wealth from causing family strife or hindering your ability to retire comfortably. With our assistance, you can rest easy knowing that we will help you achieve your dreams and perpetuate your legacy.


Founded on a Desire to Protect

Blake Fellows watched his entrepreneur mother go through the struggles of business ownership while fearing the “what ifs” that could so quickly undo all she’d built. As Blake worked in large financial firms he was dissatisfied by their inability to provide the level of caring he felt clients deserved. 

Blake started in the industry in 2001, and founded Fellows in 2015 to protect clients (especially hard-working business owners) from those scary possibilities that —without planning and protection — could negatively change their world forever.


When it Comes to Protecting Your Future, It’s Personal

Fellows is unique in that our advisory firm doesn’t just plan investments.  We plan for your whole life: your business and family, today and tomorrow, and a legacy that empowers the people, the business, and causes that matter. And every Fellows advisor shares Blake’s deeply personal desire to protect clients’ lifestyles and legacies.

  • We’re personally involved in the meetings with all the members of your team to keep all of your advisors in step with where you are, how your plan works and where it could work even better as your circumstances change.
  • We are not just advisors, we’re advocates, taking a personal interest in your success and proactively providing guidance and the right tools for achieving what matters most to you. 
  • Your personal point of view is what matters. We learn how you define “feeling safe” and “well off”. A “good” retirement. A “meaningful” legacy.  And we use our understanding of what matters to you —and our tools and expertise – to let you look ahead with satisfaction and sleep well today.

A Uniquely Transparent Advisory Firm

Unlike brokerage firms or many investment- and retirement-planning firms, our fees are transparent. Our clients know exactly what their charges will be upfront. We have every incentive to build plans that help clients achieve their goals. We do receive compensation on products like life insurance, annuities, and alternative investments, but this is paid to us by the providers, not clients.

“We are proactive in finding clients who are serious about their future. We are equally serious about empowering them to move forward and focus on protecting themselves, their family, their business and their legacy.”

Blake Fellows, Founder


Fellows is a Wealthcare Company

Fellows is one of just a few elite financial advisory firms that are part of the Wealthcare Company. This gives our advisors access to the resources of a company with $5 billion assets under management, including chartered financial analysts, portfolio managers, and a full team of traders. These resources amplify our ability to monitor investments, the economy and opportunities as we strategize on the most effective ways to execute trades to control fees and taxes. We remain your one point of contact, making sure all these specialists are making the right decisions for your specific goals and plan.

In addition, Wealthcare is at the forefront of the field, holding 12 U.S. patents on software applications for strengthening the financial planning process and integrating investments with planning.  Fellows uses this proprietary software to run deeper analysis and answer more questions in mapping out your unique path to the future you envision.