Meet Our Team: Blake

Founder / CEO

Blake Fellows

Blake, a trusted advisor with over 21 years of experience, is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals with personalized service and profound expertise. His mission centers on making Fellows the foremost firm for business succession, estate protection, and legacy perpetuation.

Legacy perpetuation, the continuation of a person’s ultimate vision after their passing, is a core aspect of Blake’s philosophy. Beyond finance, team and community involvement empower Fellows to make a positive impact in every community they operate in.

Blake’s hard work has positioned Fellows as a comprehensive planning, investment, and insurance resource for clients. He emphasizes treating everyone he works with the way he would want to be treated, underscoring the importance of empathy in serving clients.

A Loudoun County native and James Madison University graduate, Blake feels blessed to serve on the board for Youth for Tomorrow, an organization founded by Joe Gibbs.

Outside of work, Blake finds joy in coaching his children’s basketball and baseball teams and spending quality time with his family and wife, Kristen. Having witnessed Leesburg, Virginia’s transformation from a small town surrounded by dairy farms to a thriving extension of the nation’s capital, Blake’s clientele at Fellows Companies includes a diverse range of industries, such as farmers, government contractors, technology firms, construction, land developers, restaurants, law firms, and management consulting firms. Each client may have unique planning needs, but Blake’s experiences equip him to provide expert advice on business succession and protection, retirement, and estate strategies.

Blake finds great pleasure in helping his team at Fellows grow and desires to cultivate a family of individuals who are passionate about their work, enjoy each other’s company, and can provide world-class service to all clients.