Meet Our Team: Keri

Partner and Financial Advisor at
Fellows & Blake, Iowa

Keri Blake

Keri Blake is a dedicated Partner and Financial Advisor at Fellows & Blake in Indianola, Iowa. Her mission is to assist individuals and small business owners in building, enjoying, safeguarding, and efficiently transferring their wealth while minimizing tax implications. With a client-centric approach, Keri places a strong emphasis on trust and prioritizes your unique goals, aspirations, and concerns.Through a lifetime partnership with her clients, Keri employs a goal-oriented methodology to empower them to live their best lives. She finds inspiration in helping clients achieve their financial aspirations and ensuring the security of their families.

Keri holds the esteemed credentials of an Accredited Asset Management Specialist and is committed to continuous education to enhance her ability to serve her clients effectively.
Beyond her professional pursuits, Keri finds joy in activities such as biking, mountain biking, and
snowboarding, often enjoying these pursuits with her cherished family and friends. She also relishes quiet movie nights and enthusiastically participates in coaching her children’s sports endeavors. If you’re seeking a distinctive and personalized experience when consulting with a financial planner, Keri is eager to lend an attentive ear.

For appointments or to learn more about Keri, please reach out at 515-962-5921.