The Value of a Fellows Life Plan for Business Owners

Sit down with a Fellows advisor for a future-changing conversation about protecting the business you’ve worked so hard to build. 

  • What would happen if a key person / people in your company were to die? 
  • This is a material change: Would banks pull lines of credit and loans? 
  • What would a partner’s surviving spouse demand?
  • What’s your business exit strategy for enjoying an abundant retirement?

We Are Business Owners, Too

We understand how much time and energy you put into keeping family life in balance while keeping your business thriving. Does this sound familiar? Our job is to pull you out of a day-to-day perspective and assist you in seeing a broader perspective for creating balance and preparing for those “What if” scenarios that can bring things to an abrupt stop.

 As business owners, ourselves, Fellows advisors know why you need a succession plan. How to exit a company. How to pass on a business to one child without sowing discord. How to deal with business partnerships. And how to reduce tax liability – before it ruins a buyout.  We can build you a Life Plan that integrates all aspects of personal and business financial planning with a goal-aligned approach to keep “what ifs” from shattering the future.

We respect how busy you are. The clear strategy we’ll create makes it easy on you to put your Life Plan into action— and easy on the people who are left behind if something should happen.

We help you lock in  your future net worth today in tax-free dollars and protect it from divorces, creditors, predators and other risks down the road.

We run the right scenarios for you and your unique business situation so you’re ready for “what if…” and can:

  • Keep the wealth from tearing the family apart or getting lost in divorces 
  • Use insurance and succession planning to retain key people in your business
  • Make decisions that improve your lifestyle today and secure your retirement down the road 
  • Ensure the business you’ve built will continue in accordance with your legacy and family plans.