The Value of a Fellows Life Plan

Sit down with a Fellows advisor for a future-changing conversation about enjoying prosperity and peace of mind today — as you build your best tomorrow.

  • If investments sour, where will your retirement “paycheck” come from?
  • How can you protect assets from divorces or predators?
  • Can you enjoy an abundant retirement if you’re struggling financially today?

Make Spending and Investment Decisions That Lock in Your Future Net Worth Today

Whether you’re a few years — or a few decades —from retirement, we create a Life Plan that starts from where you are and propels you toward a future you define. Investments, taxes, estate planning, retirement planning, insurance and income protections, legal guidance: your Fellows Life Plan integrates it all and aligns it all specifically with your unique situation, concerns, family, lifestyle and legacy.  

We’ll map out your best “today” strategies for reducing taxes, maximizing your portfolio’s growth potential, and protecting yourself and your family against unexpected financial, legal, and health issues. So that when it’s time to retire, you’re all set to enjoy it.

You’ll save with a purpose – and part of that purpose 

is to enjoy the life you’re living today

Saving and saving and saving isn’t a strategy. The point of saving is to fund specific “buckets” like protected retirement income, emergency reserves, even tuition or a wedding. We monitor your status continuously, so we can let you know when you’ve saved enough for a particular bucket and when it’s perfectly fine to buy a better home, start a new business or take that vacation. 


We Run the Right Scenarios for you and Your Situation

So you’re ready for “what if…” and can:

  • Keep the most value in your assets vs. watching assets melt away in tax losses 
  • Protect your family from “foreseeable risks,” such as sequence-of-returns risk 
  • Fill your emergency reserves 
  • Protect your income from the impact of potential health issues, market downturns or economic shifts
  • Leave a meaningful legacy — without sowing family discord

You can stop worrying about trying to manage all the pieces and paperwork. You’ll have a clear path all the way through retirement. And because that plan is built on what matters most to you, it will be easy to put in the commitment to get from here to the future you’re envisioning.

So you won’t have to save and worry endlessly. You won’t have to let taxes erode your investments. And you won’t have to panic because today’s headlines make retirement seem impossible. Fellows can give you a Life Plan that helps you know everything is going to be all right.

The sooner you start, the more time your strategy has to produce results.